With the RICE Scoring Model to more conversions.

Conversion optimization (CRO) thrives on good ideas. The more there are, the greater the chance of a noticeable uplift. But where to start without wasting a lot of time and energy? The RICE Scoring Model helps to evaluate and prioritize ideas.

Success comes to those who implement the right ideas in the right order. In fact, we all waste far too much time on useless ideas. This is no wonder because, in our innovation culture, ideas have a seductive attraction. Yet they can be exceedingly destructive.

Origin of the RICE Model

The RICE Scoring Model was developed by the live chat provider Intercom. Behind it was the desire to improve decision-making processes within teams and to better prioritize ideas for the product roadmap. It was therefore designed for working in teams.

However, the RICE Model is equally well suited for CRO teams, where different experiences and perspectives regularly collide: Marketers, UX Designers, Front End Developers, and Data Analysts. It promotes orderly and targeted conversion optimization.

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