Create privacy policy easily and securely: Tool for small businesses and associations

Online surveys, just like websites, must include an imprint and information on data protection, e.g. a privacy statement. In this way, survey participants receive the necessary information about the survey creator and how their personal data is handled when participating in the survey.

Since we are often asked by survey creators how to create a correct privacy statement, we would like to point you to the data protection generator of the State Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security:

A new version of the data protection generator DS-GVO.clever simplifies the creation of data protection notices for small businesses and associations. The LfDI has made a generator available on its homepage for the correct formulation of data protection notices. Associations, as well as small businesses, tradesmen, and craftsmen, can now create their data protection declarations quickly and securely with the help of the DS-GVO.clever tool.

In the new version of the generator, there are also numerous info buttons and references for further assistance from the LfDI, such as explanatory videos or practical guides. This makes it easier for associations and smaller companies to create data protection declarations that comply with the GDPR.

Further information on the data protection generator DS-GVO.clever can be found on the LfDI homepage.

You can find out how to integrate the privacy statement and the imprint into a survey at the HeyForm helpdesk.

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